Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Next Kind.

Isn't it funny how we live in a society that discourages individuality? How we live in a place where both the intellectual or enlightened individual shares something with the fool in that they can't think for themselves? We're all guilty of subscribing to group-think. Whether it be choosing to smoke because someone told you it was cool or choosing a religion because of what an 8,000 year old book says. Don't get me wrong, I certainly see the importance of spirituality, but religions (in any form) are nothing more than forms of thought control. No matter how you spin it. I grow tired of individuals talking about how they're "enlightened" or "awakened" when really they're just looking at the same picture from a different angle. No matter which way you look at a puppy, be it from the front, back, side, upside down, whatever it's still a puppy. If you take an existing belief system and look at it from a different historical context that doesn't make it new, just different. I'm speaking in particular about Black Hebrews and belief systems like it.

(For appeal's sake I'm using God instead of Yhah)
Before you try and grill me with scripture let's take a look at your scripture for a second. Who was the Hebrew bible written by? I certainly have no idea, and as much as you would like to push the point that it's God's word the fact is that God didn't write it unless you literally believe the bible descended from the sky. So since the majority of us can believe that a human wrote this bible then let's think for a second. You're basing your entire belief system off of the ideas that one man or multiple men compiled in a book millenia ago? I mean certainly they could have been inspired by God but I feel like it's quite audacious to claim that something MAN wrote is to be considered the sacred word of GOD. Who even made it sacred? Man did, who even holds a reverence towards that book? Man does. So maybe now you're able to see my point of thought control, just to be sure though let's dive a little deeper in the idea of control.

(On Control)
Many of us black people feel as though there is a power structure bent on keeping us oppressed. Though I can certainly concede the point that life isn't easy for a black person in America, I wouldn't consider our status oppressed. Disproportionate, yes. Discriminatory, yes. Unjust, sure. But oppressed is too harsh a term. But all semantics aside, let's focus back on this power structure. We (and I use "we" very loosely) seem to point to this power structure as our reason for our unjust status in America but let's consider for a second another possibility. The power structure doesn't cause our social status, rather, it's the perceived power structure that causes our unjust social position. Think about it, when every black multi-millionaire/important person is asked about how they overcame their racial issues they all give the same answer "It was an obstacle but I didn't let it phase me." It's all about how you define yourself. If you want to overcome race then overcome it. Don't sit around and blame this or that for you not receiving the outcome you want, the problem lies with you. You aren't flawed or anything, don't get me wrong, you just can't be afraid to face adversity on the road to becoming what you feel in your heart that you should be. The Answer to "How?" is yes. That simply means that we have no control over the how, all we have is the illusion of control. So don't delude yourself with illusions, instead lose yourself in the moment. Only by being present in the here and now can we find true happiness. If we get stuck in the past or obsessed with the future then we can never progress.

(On Secret Societies and Illuminati)
There are some of you who will dispute everything I say with conspiracy and questions of the Illuminati and other Secret Societies that presumably run the country. If these societies are so well engrained in our society then how will we ever hope to gain any bit of information on then? If I were a secret society with a bunch of power then anything that held any truth about me would either be kept top secret or destroyed. The public would only receive the information that I'd want them to know meaning it'd either be half-truths to mislead the public or it'd only be the positive things my organization does so they wouldn't know our underhanded side. Basically it just doesn't make sense to blame secret societies for anything because you never really know if they exist or not. If they do exist you won't possibly be able to know anything true about them unless you joined and became a member of their most inner circle, and if they don't exist then you're wasting time pondering/blaming things that aren't real. If there is truly a powerful and influential secret society out there then it's one that none of us have heard of and there would be no mention of it anywhere.

To those of you who'll back up your claims of secret societies with symbolism then ponder this. How would you know what a symbol really meant? Sure you can do research but who put out the information you're taking in and how are they connected to the secret society you're trying to learn about? All things are connected and all the information you're looking at is a form of propaganda told from one bias or another. So how do you know what you're watching/reading isn't propaganda about said secret society that was distributed by said secret society so that people like you would become lost in the illusion of truth? That's the thing about symbols, anyone can make something out of nothing, but to make nothing out of something is art. Basically the people who look at the dollar bill and think nothing of it are just as lost as the people who look at the dollar bill and see Illuminati references.

Here's the summary of this rant. There is no dualism in the truth. Everything, no matter how far-fetched or conservative is a part of the universal truth. Think about it, a UNIVERSAL truth would be something that applies to the entire UNIVERSE and all things bizarre, mundane, complex and mundane. Your system of beliefs and faith in one ancient book is just like the generation before yours and also completely different. They're completely different in that theirs was a form of submission and coping with that feeling of submission and yours is a system of awakening and improvement. They're fundamentally the same though in that there are base rules for a person to follow in order to be considered a part of the group or an enlightened member of the group. For one it's a belief in Jesus dying for your sins and in the other it's a belief that black people are God's chosen. If you don't follow this mentality you're excluded from the system. Does that sound like anything other than thought control? Every civilization that's been recorded has had some sort of official religion or God-like figure, and that's fact. So how then is any new religion different from all the control mechanisms that have come before it?

(The New Breed)
There is a new breed of humanity on the way that sees the truths of the last two generations. These coming waves of Indigo Children will be the ones to make way for the next era in human consciousness and the only way to be a part of the new times will be to find your own truths and your own beliefs independent of anyone else's beliefs. The dark ages are over my friends, I'll be waiting for you in the light.

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