Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inspiration -Pain-

So a lot of times in life we go through some stuff. Like honestly, we go through some real shit. Personally, so far this year I've dealt with a painful breakup from a relationship that I thought was serious and the death of a friend. Both have left holes in my heart that I doubt will ever heal entirely. Sure, everyday makes it a little bit easier and I'm able to overlook her dating again (the very guy she said she wasn't going to pursue) or I'm able to let her go a little bit more and not take the loss so personally, but I still lament them both. What am I trying to say here...I guess the point I'm trying to get at is that I'm not down. I'm hurt, it's affecting me, but I feel as though I'm being sculpted. Each day I feel lighter like another piece has been chiselled away and I can feel the divine in everything just a little bit more. Haha I feel like I should say something/make a point that's easy to remember for all of you that actually read this. I guess what I'm getting at is that everything's a choice. It certainly may not feel that way and I'm by no means expecting any human to go through drama completely unphased, but you can choose how long you let things affect you. I'm currently in another relationship and as silly as it may be I'm feeling pretty damn optimistic about it. I'm able to talk about losing my friend now...I can actually tell my story and share my relationship to her without wanting to cry over her death. Life goes on people. The world keeps on spinning and the moment continues to grow and blossom, building upon itself. We can't be so wrapped up in our own grief that we fail to see the beauty in others. There's a time to grieve and there's a time to be with yourself, away from the world, but you have to know when that time is over and when it's time to return to the world around you. I know people who have been holding on to the same situations for years. Carrying around that grief for years, that pain for years, that hurt for years and all of that torment is taken out on everyone around them. The woman from a bad relationship who finds it hard to trust a man. The man from a bad relationship who chooses to victimize women because of the experience. The friend who loses themselves and pushes everyone around them away. We all know these people. We've all been these people. Some of us are bound to be these people again. It's not worth the pain, and pessimism doesn't make the suffering any easier. I encourage you to let all of that past stuff go and relish in the now. The time for grief is over, get back to the things that are really important: Finding out about yourself, showing love to the things around you, and developing a way to live in harmony with your surroundings. If I believed in prayer I'd say one for you all but instead of that I have something

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