Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Brave New World

If it's one thing that's constant in the world it's change. Whether driven by violent conflict or a clash of ideals things are always changing. It's been a few centuries since our last great revolutions and I feel as though the world is overdue for another one. Don't you feel it too? The restlessness? The anxiety? The emptiness? The growing sense of nihilism that's becoming more intense by the day? We're in desperate need of the new, because the mundane just won't due. Wake up people, we're living in a system that is rapidly lulling us into a state of quiet comatose while it continues to weave delusions of grandeur in our heads. Yes, it's true that we're creations of the Gods, but that doesn't give us any more dominion over the planet than the tigers or dolphins. We evolved from that same pool of muck that bore the colossal whale so why do we feel more privileged/haughty just because we have shiny machines to do stuff for us? We must continue to evolve and not fall into this illusion of "safety." There is no such thing as being "safe" in the world, you're always vulnerable to something, so why not focus on being prepared for anything rather than constantly removing yourself from everything. The next revolution is coming, and if you don't take your own evolutionary destiny into your hands then someone else will control it for you; take what they consider your weaknesses and get rid of them regardless to how you feel about the change. This revolution has nothing to do with your religion or your career. It has everything however to do with you.

Everyone wants to be an individual but no one wants to be themselves.

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