Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ain't nuttin change but the address...

So since everyone's feeling it I figure I may as well make it plain. I'm headed off to college for the first time and like many people I know I won't have any friends going to the same school with me. I guess I'm fortunate, I've never had the typical school experience growing up with the same people from grade to grade. Family moves and specialty programs made sure of that, so for all intensive purposes I don't expect much of a shock heading into school.

Well then why make a post about it? Good question, I just wanna give a few pointers on how to transition more smoothly into your college life in case you haven't already known about them:

1.) Leave unnecessary people behind. - Think about it kids, this isn't high school anymore. You don't need to pretend to like someone to get through the year with a minimal amount of drama nor will you ever really see them again enough for their opinion to matter to you anymore (assuming of course you want to avoid them). So go ahead and take this time to tell all those shitty people you've secretly hated to go screw themselves...or just be nice and not talk to them. Point is, don't bring any drama into college, you'll have plenty to worry about while you're there.

2.) Be yourself. - In college you'll most likely have a clean slate to portray whatever image you want. Whether the strong silent type or the rebel without a cause, you can basically become whoever you want to be because of the simple fact that no one knows who the fuck you are. But of all this experimentation at your fingertips, just know you'll never really be happy unless you're yourself. If you wanna go out and party all night then go party, maybe you're a party person? Embrace it! More important than college's chance to reinvent yourself is the chance to further your self-discovery that way by the time you're out you're confident in who YOU are which is much more substantial than being confident in who you want to be.

3.) Finally, Don't be stupid. - You and I both know your parents won't be there to hold your hand through your college experience so please for both your sake and theirs don't waste all that money on some stupid shit. I mean really, no amount of weed is worth $15,000 and neither is any person I've met thus far (Sorry *shrug*) so don't blow your college tuition on some old dumb shit and end up failing or something stupid like that. If you're in college be in college and make college work for you. If you don't wanna be there I could really care less, just don't waste my time with your stupidity, it's that simple.

Hopefully these are some handy tips for you in college, and remember to just be you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kanye? Is that you?

So I heard this song about a month ago, listened to it 3 times today (consecutively) and honestly I can say I have no fuckin clue how to feel about it. I mean on the one hand it's Kanye so of course I wanna buy into the hype just because of the special place I have for Yeezy due to his "Still love H.E.R." track and fond memories of Late Registration and Graduation. But honestly I gotta say...what the fuck is this shit? I mean damn Kanye, it's kinda sad that a music video has to redeem a song for me and that's how I feel. Now let me clarify. Kanye's new found weirdness isn't an issue to me at all and honestly I dug 808's so now that that's outta the way I feel like I don't like this track because maybe I'm outgrowing Kanye's flow. I mean I'm just saying in his absence I've adjusted to Blu, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Stalley just to name a few cats and I think coming back to Kanye is like going to church after a great night on the town...something's just missing (probably the weed) but I digress. All metaphors aside I think Kanye needs to step his game up for the other tracks on his album unless I'll be one disappointed guy and while I can appreciate the artistry of the music video I feel like the actual song could've went a lot harder than it did. Like damn Kanye, I think Pac Div roasted you on their track and it's damn near a year old and drastically less produced than your newest shit. (Link: I guess what I'm getting at is if Kanye wants to really shake up the industry than he needs to dial back the ego and make music from his life again (you know...the real shit that got him in the game in the first place) and stop trying to be the latest pop sensation in the game. Be as weird as you want but at least give me some shit I can vibe with without feeling superficial/facetious. I'll reserve judgment on the album till it drops. Until then, draw your own conclusions on Kanye's new Power.