Friday, January 29, 2010


So The Vault has been upgraded and so has the Forgebot. Hello and welcome to the Lab under the ever present eye of yours truly - Dr. Toxin. This is the home for the strange, the new, the bizarre, and the nostalgic...welcome and enjoy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It lives!

Hello again world, it's Mr. Vega here to revive the forge- my dump for all things musically controversial yet abstract. I'll be your host for this twisted journey down the rabbit hole so sit back, relax, and enjoy the red pill.

Speaking of the Matrix I just went back and saw the Animatrix again. For those of you not in the know, the Animatrix was a film made up of around 10 animated shorts all centered around the Matrix. Though only three of these shorts had any input from the W. Brothers, each story is both visually stunning and moving story-wise. I particularly want to focus on two of the shorts, fogive me because I've forgotten the titles.

The first short I want to talk about tells the story of a world-class sprinter who accidentally sees the Matrix. Early on in the clip you find out that he is being accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs and he's still recovering from an injury. Despite these obstacles he commits to running in a race and breaking his world record again. His trainer gives up on him because he's determined to run, he appears to be a very lonesome guy, and on top of all this the Agent Smith characters know of his decision and begin to monitor him closely. Bang! The race begins and he starts off strong going faster and faster. The animation slows so you can see his face bounce because he is completely relaxed, his muscles tighten and tighten as he begins to break away from the pack. Everything is going great for him and suddenly reality begins to break up the scenery. He keeps running though, undaunted by this and the Agents now try to converge on him. "He's waking up!" they scream, "Stop him, he's waking up!" But it's too late, he's free from the Matrix and is now running in his pod about to break free, but soon new restraints come and pin his arms and legs and he is thrust back into the Matrix bloodied and bruised from the conflict. The fans look to him in a mixture of awe and disbelief, he broke his record but he'll also never run again. The next shot of him is as he's being pushed out of the hospital in a wheelchair with his legs restrained. The nurse stops him by a window and as she's distracted he begins to get up again. He has to get out. His legs break through his restraints but suddenly he's down again; the nurse was an agent in disguise.

So think about it. A man sets a goal for himself and in the midst of achieving that goal he finds some truth, and in the pursuit of that truth he gets brought down by those who he'd never expected.

Think about that for a second...who in your life's keeping you from the truth? Who's keeping you locked in the same routines/rituals from day to day? Is is your lover? Your spouse? Your friend? Your parent? These people should be constantly pushing us to do our best shouldn't they? Or maybe it's you keeping someone else down. We're spiritual beings on a journey for a human experience so why waste time rolling around in the muk of life when we can soar? I encourage you all to be like the runner and push past your limitations of poverty, sickness, experience, and race and fight with everything you have for your truth. Only you can save yourself from your situation whatever that may be, but that's a post for another day.

End Transmission.