Wednesday, August 19, 2009

-Warning Toxic Waste-

Okay so here is one of my rants and please be warned that there will be vulgar language.

So maybe this is just me, but this age of Niggerishness must come to an end. I mean seriously people you can't be stupid your entire life. With the formalities outta the way, let me clarify my definition of being a nigger. To be a nigger is to be stupid, dumb, ignorant and proud of his/her state of existence. For me, nigger has nothing to do with race at all so I'm talking about white, red, brown, and yellow people. So back to the rant...let's face it, times is gettin crazy and Niggerdom is being glorified like a mothafucka. I mean seriously, when niggas can get record deals by getting shot x amount of times or making a basic beat and coming up with a dance for it shit needs to change.
What happened to the good old days of music where a song hit your heart and made you relate to the lyrics? Or when you could make someone you liked a mixtape that didn't refer to their gender as a bitch? Now a days more emphasis is put on sellin albums than it is on making music and in the MUSIC industry this is a problem. Why the fuck is it cool to be a "gangsta" when A.) it's gay and B.) it's cowardly as shit.
There's nothing brave about being in a gang because of the simple fact that you're relying on two things to beat your opponent... numbers and guns. Simply put, most "wars" between gangs involve a bunch of niggas from one gang rollin up on a couple of niggas from another gang, beating the shit out of them and killing one, then waiting for the other gang to retaliate. One on one, a gangsta couldn't stand a chance against someone like my grandma...not even kidding. Onto the guns bit, guns are the most cowardly weapon ever devised by humankind that takes absolutely no skill to operate yet has the potential to kill a human being with ease.
It's ridiculous to think of this as an equalizer for the simple fact that you can KILL someone by barely moving a is that any way equal to someone having to physically bash your skull in in order to kill you. I kinda diverted from my point for a little, but the point is this, I believe in making things fair and proving that you're the better person. If you're in a fight there are always pros and cons so if your opponent is bigger than you, you're likely faster than they are so use that to your advantage, don't bring something to the fight that'll give your opponent absolutely no chance of surviving because that doesn't prove anything but the fact that you're a bitch ass nigga. I just don't know where the love of competition has gone.
Now a days it seems like every nigga wants to be a damn king without earning his crown. They just keep tryin to get rid of their competition as if that makes them "hot" or "cool" or "respected." Once again, this just makes you a bitch ass nigga. If someone bombs on you don't kill them or beat them up, bomb on them back and if you can't then learn how and get them back. If someone says something about you confront them but don't look towards violence unless there's absolutely no other way to resolve the issue.
Basically stop being so god damn niggerish and lookin at life from the same narrowminded perspective you had since you were three. Stop looking to tradition or society to determine the limits of what's normal or socially acceptable and just be you. If you wanna rock colored skinny jeans every day of the week do that. If you wanna wear the most ugly tie you can find with every outfit, then do that. If you don't understand why someone would do either of these things then just keep in mind the phrase "to each his own" and do you. I mean damn, in life anything goes so why the hell are you trying to find rules to live by?

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